USB Presentation Products

Your images are available on a range of USB presentation products, each of these comes in a presentation box and a gift bag. A range of USB sticks are available to suit all requirements. Please contact me for more details on the range available.

Should you want prints of your images then a presentation pack for your prints can be provided in a mount box, your ten favourite prints mounted in photo mounts, presented in a custom made presentation box, these are available with or without the digital files on a presentation USB stick.


    Memory No of Prints   Price
  Jewelled or Crystal USB Stick 8GB n/a    £    73.00
  Jewelled or Crystal USB Stick 16GB n/a    £    80.00
  Wooden USB with Wooden Box 8GB n/a    £    85.00
  Wooden USB with Wooden Box 16GB n/a    £    92.00
  Mount Box (10"x8") n/a 10    £  165.00
  Mount Box (10"x8") & USB Stick 8GB 10    £  195.00
  Mount Box (10"x8") & USB Stick 16GB 10    £  202.00

All USB sticks and mount boxes come in a presentation box, and a gift bag.


All prices shown are for the USB presentation pack and/or prints only. These costs do not include the cost for your photo session.






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